IBF World Title Fight "A Ring is a Ring ..."

This week Eddie Hearn was outbid by Andre Dirrell's backers on the purse bids for the IBF World Title fight by $3.1m vs Matchroom's $2.1m.

This means that I'll be travelling to the US to fight for the belt within 60 days at a venue yet to be confirmed.

I would have loved to stage the fight here at the O2 and to win the belt for the fans in the UK on home turf but it's not to be this time round.

People keep asking me if I'm gutted about having to fight on Dirrell's turf but the simple answer is 'NO'. To me a ring is a ring and I'll be there to fight and win the world title and make history as the first British Olympic Gold Medalist to go on to win a World Title.

Travelling for fights is irrelevant to me. I went to Beijing and fought five times to get the Gold Medal and this is no different in my eyes.

I'm in it to win it!