I'm a Gooner through and through!

I'm proud to say I'm a Gooner!

Some people mistake me for a QPR fan because of my family's connection with the Club but I'm a fully fledged Arsenal season ticket holder and so is Jimski and all his family!

My elder brothers have always been Gooners so I was always going to follow suit. The QPR connection comes from the fact that my Grandad who was my ultimate hero was a lifelong QPR fan and so was his brother. My cousin, Lee Cook went on to play for QPR so he fulfilled the dream for both of our old Grandfellas.

When I was a kid I remember my dad driving up the M1 to Watford and I had my Arsenal scarf on. In the car next to us was David Seaman and he turned and gave me a thumbs up and it made my day! I remember coming back from the Olympics and taking part in The Gladiators and that's where I met Ian Wright who has continued to support me since turning pro.

It's my ultimate dream to fight at the Emirates Stadium in front of a majority Arsenal crowd and one day I hope to make that happen. My favourite players are Ljungberg, Pires, Henry and Bergkamp.