Fight Camp - Diet, Nutrition & Training

With the next fight on the horizon, that means a gruelling 12 week fight camp is underway.

I train hard all year round, but in the lead up to a fight I'm constantly pushing my body with track sessions, strength sessions and intense sparring.

Jimski ‘s the boss from now till the fight and he’s already starting to put me through it to max out each session – hardcore!

It’s not just about building strength and having one-punch knockout power, it’s about having the kind of cardio that keeps me throwing loads of punches right through till the 12th round so we also do loads of track work to build stamina.

Jim will be right beside me all the way - he doesn’t just train me – he trains with me.

Nutrition in boxing is as much about preparing to make weight as it is about having the energy to train and compete so I have to watch my diet and Marge helps with this part – she knows how to size the portions depending on how close to fight weight I am.

I normally have porridge for breakfast and to stop it getting boring I add honey, fruit and nuts along with a breakfast berry smoothie. For lunch I have a bit of pasta, some broccoli and carrots or rice for energy-fuelling carbs. Dinner is normally around 6pm ish - usually a piece of grilled chicken or steak with some veg - I like to mix up the veg to keep it interesting

The final piece of the jigsaw is the protein shakes, vitamins and rehydration drinks I get from BULK Powders. They’ve been my sponsor for a couple of years now and they compliment my nutrition plan nicely and help my body to recover from the gruelling training sessions.

This means I can push myself even harder and be at my absolute best come fight night.